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Claire Leona White
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This website last updated on 08/23/2001

Last Thursday, 8/16, Claire decided she was ready to walk on her own. She started with not one or two steps, but a saunter across the living room floor. Mommy and Baby were both very excited. Mommy clapped her hands and Claire walked/ran over to the couch and pounded it with both hands. Mom was quick on the video camera and was able to get a repeat performance recorded for posterity. 

Ever since then, it's been Katie bar the door. Lots and lots of walking, mostly alone, but sometimes with help. She's still learning how to stand unassisted. Now she needs a helping hand or will climb up any handy stationary object. But This Is It - she's over the hump.

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Redstone Interlude.

What's Been Happening

July 7 and 8:    We all went to LA for Aunt Alma's unveiling. Debbie and Michael had a BBQ the night before. Had lots of fun outside, really enjoyed playing with Patrick. The next day, after the ceremony we went to the beach. Claire was a little afraid of the water.

On the flight home she said her first sentence! She was sitting on Mommy's lap, interacting well with the lady sitting across. When she reached out to pick her up, Claire said, "No, Mama!" Message received, loud and clear.

July 2:    Claire's official first birthday! Milestone: She took her first step. Went from Daddy to Mommy unassisted. 

Claire's first birthday party was on June 30. Lots of family traveled from SoCal for the big bash. We had 26 adults and 11 children in the house. The photos are dribbling in, and we're relying on our guests to provide most of the photos of this event. We were too busy to remember to take pictures. The first batch already arrived, and you can see them here.

7/4/01:    The family, along with Uncle Gary, went to the Piedmont July 4 Parade. When Daddy marched past playing the snare drum in the parade band, Claire pointed and said, "Da!"

7/2/01:    Claire's real birthday. We just celebrated quietly at home, with leftover cake and party hats. The big bonus: Claire took her FIRST STEP. We were in the living room, Daddy and Claire were on the floor and Mommy was on the couch. Daddy held Claire by the waist as she stood, then let go. Claire stood still for a moment, then stepped forward on her right foot into Mommy's arms. 

6/30/01:    First birthday party! 

Late June:    Claire is starting to stand all by herself. She'll get herself standing with some kind of support (parent or furniture), then let go and just stand there. She's a little wobbly, like she's still getting her confidence. No steps yet.

6/17/01:    Everything from the last update, but more so. Claire's walking very well (and fast.) She can walk while only holding on with one hand, but still mostly she needs two hands. She scoots, cruises, and climbs on every piece of furniture she can reach. Every once in awhile she'll stand on her own for a moment or two. She now walks up the stairs (with help.) Those steps are big but she loves to do them with her giant steps. Claire's a big girl for her age. She's the tallest one-year-old we know, and she's taller than some 18-month olds, and only a couple inches shy of the two-year-olds. 

Top two front teeth came in! She didn't seem to have a lot of teething pain, though we could see the swelling right before they burst through. Now she's a four-toothed girl. See the photos!

We're starting to wean. Today was her first taste of cow's milk. She liked it! She's already needing fewer and fewer breast feedings. She eats everything else so well, it probably won't be a problem. Recent food introductions include hamburger, summer melon fruits, and peaches. Bagels and Ritz crackers are now passe. 

On the travel and visiting front: we had a visit from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Michael. We went to Elk Grove for Aunt Sylvia's funeral and met a whole lot of new family members, including cousins April and Emily (6 and 3) who really loved playing with Claire. We spent a few hot days together in Las Vegas. Mommy and Claire explored the Strip while Daddy went to his convention.  

It seems to be party season, lots of birthdays and a housewarming, and everywhere we go there are babies! Claire seems to learn from being around other kids. She wants to do whatever they are doing.  Claire's own birthday party is coming in two weeks. We're really looking forward to it!

5/2 Status Report: Climbs up stairs. (Gates are installed!) Crawling well, exploring lots. Plays "how big is Claire". Plays catch with ball, hands us things. Graduated to big bathtub. Eating lots of people food. Baby food in jar is obsolete. Likes black beans, American cheese, and gefilte fish (not necessarily at the same time.)

4/27 - 4/29:    The three of us had an anniversary holiday at the Alta Mira Hotel, where we got married. We got some good photos from the hotel room and our hike to Muir Woods.

4/14 thru 4/15    Aunt Debbie came for a fun weekend! While she was here, Claire displayed the following new skills: Plays peek-a-boo on her own, hiding behind a blanket and then pulling it down. Claps her hands. Says "Uh oh!" And she is crawling faster and faster!

4/5 thru 4/8   Sandy, Les, and Edith came for a visit! We had a visit from Cousin Ellen and family, and a Passover Seder. An action-packed weekend.

3/30    She woke up from her afternoon nap. When Sally went into her room to get her, she found Claire standing up in her crib.

3/29    After having crawled around on the family room floor, she found herself on her back, unable to get up. She cried for help. Then, with Daddy giving examples, she rolled from from back to tummy, then got into crawling position, then sat up all by herself.

3/28    While playing on the living room floor with Mommy, Claire went from sitting up to hands-and-knees, and then crawled three steps to the get the key ring on the floor.

3/27     In the middle of a diaper change, Claire turned over onto her tummy and crawled across the changing table to get a toy.

4/2/01    Nine month doctor appointment. 20 lbs, 4 oz, 28 3/4 inches. Both numbers are in the 75th percentile. The doc says her "asparagus" body type has changed into a regular baby shape, complete with tummy. 

3/2 thru 3/4  Visit from Grandma and Grandpa! What a fun time. Claire really got along well with Paul and Sally, and gave them lots of smiles and giggles and cuddles. She even handled a trip to the museum fairly well.

3/2/01  Skills Inventory: Says "Da-Da" while looking at Da-Da. Waves Hi and Bye-Bye. Loves Ritz crackers and feeding herself.

2/16/01  She really loves to stand up. She's standing all the time, with help, and she takes a couple little steps at a time. Her legs are getting stronger. She doesn't need very much help in standing, just a little balance. She can lean on a table quite well. She can also get herself from sitting upright to a crawling position on her tummy. But she hasn't mastered getting her tummy off the ground. She gets herself down and then she kicks her legs and swims.

2/14/01 New game with Mommy: Claire shouts a little "Ah!" and Mommy makes a funny face. Then they both laugh. Claire waits a few seconds and shouts again. Sometimes Mommy shouts "Ah!" back, and a whole conversation ensues. Much laughter all around.

2/10/01 Today's favorite food: Low salt Ritz crackers. Newest food trick: Self feeding baby food from a jar. We put the food on the spoon and give it to her. She puts it in her mouth (and in her hair.)

1/30/01    We are talking up a storm. Mostly it's "ma ma na na ma ma". Her favorite time to talk is when she has her mouth full of a bagel. She holds it to her mouth and says "ma ma na na." When you catch her in a talkative mood, she'll even have a little conversation with you. You say "ma ma ma" and she says "ma ma ma." It's fun!

1/21/01    Claire has teeth! They're not fully out yet, but we can see their cute little white stubs coming through the gums.

1/21/01    Claire loves bagels. Mom hosted a baby shower on Sunday 1/21. After it was over we had a few leftover bagels. We gave Claire a piece of whole wheat bagel and she loved it. It's her new favorite food. She just loves to chomp on her bagel pieces, much more than any other spoon-fed food.

1/11/01    Six month doctor visit. 16 lbs, 8 oz. 26 3/4 inches. 

Nothing at all happened between November and January.

11/22 Claire SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT!!! Last night we put her to bed at 8:45, and she went to sleep shortly thereafter. This morning we were actually awakened by the alarm clock! The last time that happened was July 1. It seems like a lifetime ago. Of course, we immediately ran into her room to see if she was still breathing. She was snoozing like an angel, and didn't wake up until 6:00 AM.

11/18 First solid food - rice cereal (organic of course.) And first wedding - congrats Liz and Paul!

11/17 First night spent entirely in her crib! Mom and Dad were cowering in our own bed with a stopwatch while she cried. Overall it was more traumatic for us than for her. Thank you Dr. Ferber.

11/14 Four month doctor visit. 14 lbs, 9 oz, 25 3/4 inches. She's gained four pounds in two months. She's still off the charts in height, and is now actually above average for weight. No more skinny baby. Doc says she's cute! But we knew that already.

11/9 Trip to Colorado with many firsts: Airplane flight, meeting with Grandpa Dick, Uncle Steve, Aunt Theresa, Cousins Brandy and Anderson, snow, hotel room, Thanksgiving dinner, slumber party at the Poohchoos. Pix to come!

11/4 Net Meeting! First one was last weekend with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Michael. Tonight was with Grandma and Grandpa Cole. Everybody loves to see and hear the baby on the computer.

11/4 Miscellaneous comments: Hand control is improving - she'll hold onto a toy instead of dropping it. She loves to put her feet into her mouth during diaper changes. She can hold items with both hands. Everything goes into the mouth, even if it doesn't fit. She loves to talk -- lots of babbling, cooing, and squealing. She loves her new walker, even though she can only touch one toe to the floor. She has bounced happily in the Jolly Jumper too. "Tummy Time" is less distressing. She has gotten more used to being on her tummy, and she works at crawling and maneuvering.

11/1 First rollover from tummy to back. Daddy was playing with Claire on the counter after a diaper change. At first she was surprised, and then she cried.

10/21 First haircut. Mommy played barber. The great moment is memorialized in photos and the actual locks of hair to be glued into the baby book.

10/14, 10/15. Claire makes a road trip to LA to meet her two great grandmas, Edith and Leona, and more of her extended family. We stayed with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Michael, who threw a fabulous brunch.

10/12 First laugh. In the car with Mommy when she got home from a ride.

10/10. Three Month Checkup. Claire weighs 12 lbs, 2 oz (50th percentile.) 25 1/4 inches (95th percentile.) Doc is very satisfied that she's tracking her body type.

10/9 Lots of fun stuff happening. Last night she slept in her crib until 4:00AM with only one interruption. This weekend she held a toy in her hand and then put it in her mouth. She grabbed her foot. She's drooling a lot. She likes to stand up in front of the mirror.

10/2 Claire celebrates her three month birthday by coming down with a cold. Doc says it's nothing to be worried about, but to keep an eye on her. Official weight: 11 lbs, 12 oz.

9/20 Aunt Liz comes for a visit! Mom and Dad get their third date since the baby was born. Pring's never tasted so good.

9/5 Doctor visit: 10 lbs, 1 oz, 24 inches. That's the 50th percentile in weight and the 100th percentile (off the charts) in height. Doctor's summary: she's long, lean, and healthy. Don't make any changes, everything is just fine. Come back in one month. Yay!

8/24 Doctor visit: 9 lbs, 10 oz. Small eye infection, cured by eyedrops.

8/12 First bottle feeding. Daddy took the honors, and Claire took the bottle. No problems, mon.

8/10 Doctor visit: 9 lbs, 4 oz, 22.5 inches. She's in the 75th percentile for babies her age. Woo hoo! We're ABOVE AVERAGE!

8/3 Doctor visit: 9 lbs, 3 oz.

7/27 Grandma Claire visits.

7/27 Doctor visit: 8 lbs, 10 oz.

7/24 Doctor visit: 8 lbs, 7 oz.

7/23 First bath. She had been very upset for 45 minutes, but she calmed down after the bath.

7/21 First tears (getting into the car seat.)

7/20 Grandma Sandy and Papa Les visit.

7/20 Doctor visit -- 8 lbs, 4 oz.

7/16 Aunt Alma and Uncle Elliot visit.

7/16 Umbilical cord falls off.

7/15 First party -- attends Charlie Shahoian's 1st birthday party next door.

7/11 First visit to pediatrician. Baby is healthy. Weight 8.3 lbs (up one ounce!), length adjusted to 21.5 inches. First immunization.

7/9 Grandpa Paul and Grandma Sally visit.

7/8 Aunt Debbie visits.

7/5 Uncle Gary visits.

7/3 Home from the hospital.

7/2 Claire's birthday!!